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FCC Vision Terms & Conditions

Farm Credit Canada (“FCC”) consistently seeks to reach to members of the FCC Vision panel who are involved in agriculture and food, inviting them to share their input, thoughts, and opinions regarding a wide-variety of issues important to both FCC and its mandate of promoting Canadian agriculture (collectively, “Feedback”).

“FCC Vision” is operated by FCC and is the primary means used by FCC to collect Feedback through online surveys, online focus groups, in-person interviews, and/or in-person focus groups (collectively, “Research Studies”). As described below, please note that in some instances FCC may engage third party service provider(s) to assist in its efforts to invite you to participate and/or provide Feedback in Research Studies.

We would like you to become a formal member of FCC Vision and hope that these Terms & Conditions provide you with clear information about FCC Vision, what is required to become a member, what becoming a member entails, what benefits that you will receive, and the overall terms and conditions of your membership.

Personal Information

In order to become a member of FCC Vision, you will be requested to provide us with your consent, as well as some basic personal information, including but not limited to:

  • Your name, address and e-mail address;
  • Demographic information; and,

Although you may be asked to verify / update your personal information, you can contact FCC Vision at any time (via the Contact Information below) in order to update your personal information, and/or any preference settings.

Benefits of Becoming a Member of FCC Vision

Upon becoming a member of FCC Vision:

  • You may be invited to participate in approximately 3 to 10 Research Studies per year, depending on the demographic group you fall into;
  • You will have access to exclusive FCC research study results; and,
  • You will earn “Vision points” for your participation in Research Studies (see next section).

Vision Points

Upon completion of a research study, your FCC Vision account will be credited FCC Vision points.

By way of general reference, on average, participation in an FCC Vision: (i) survey could earn you between 25 and 100 Vision Points; (ii) online focus groups, in -person interviews or in-person focus groups could earn you up to 1,000 Vision Points or cash equivalent (10 points = $1).

Vision points will be credited to your FCC Vision member account and you can check your Vision points balance at any time via the FCC Vision website. Your Vision points will be redeemable upon demand via the FCC Vision website for a variety of gift cards. You can redeem FCC Vision points for a physical card to carry, or choose a digital version. (“FCC Gift Cards”).

Gift Cards will be mailed by standard post to the address FCC Vision has on file, within 7 business days of your request to redeem your Vision points. In turn, any Gift Cards received: (i) must be accepted as issued; (ii) cannot be transferred, substituted, and/or redeemed for cash; and, (iii) will be subject to the expiry date indicated thereon and thus, must be used prior to said date.

FCC Vision will not assume any responsibility for incorrect or inaccurate capture of Vision points and/or any human or technical error, data errors, lost, delayed or garbled data transmissions, or failures of any telephone or computer lines or networks, computer equipment or software related to your participation in any Research Studies, which may result (notably) in Rewards Points not being credited to your FCC Vision member account.

If at any time you have questions, comments, and/or concerns regarding your Vision points balance or any Gift Cards that have been issued to you, please contact FCC Vision (via the Contact Information below).

Please note that immediately upon your having relinquished your FCC Vision membership and/or your membership having been otherwise terminated by FCC Vision, any unused Vision points credited to your FCC Vision member account will be deleted and there will be no possibility of redemption thereafter.

FCC Vision Membership Profile and Member Account

Your personal information will be used to create your FCC Vision membership profile, to communicate with you regarding your voluntary participation in any Research Studies, and to assist the FCC Vision and/or its third party service provider(s) in determining those Research Studies that are most suitable for you to participate in.

In order to access some features of the FCC Vision website, you will have to create a member account (“Member Account”). To ensure the integrity of our Research Studies, you may not: (i) activate or use more than one Member Account and/or create multiple FCC Vision membership profiles; (ii) use a false or misleading name, address or e-mail address to activate or use a Member Account and/or create a FCC Vision membership profile; (iii) provide any false or misleading information; and, (iv) use another FCC Vision Member’s Account. If FCC Vision has any reason to believe that you have violated any of these provisions, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your access to, use of and/or participation in any Research Studies, and/or your membership in FCC Vision.

Your Member Account may be accessed only by use of your login name and password. You are solely responsible and liable for any use and misuse of your login name and password and for all activities that occur under your login name and password. For security reasons, you must keep your login name and password to your Member Account confidential and not disclose them to any person or permit any other person to use them, except an authorized representative of FCC.

All login names and passwords remain our property and may be cancelled or suspended at any time by FCC Vision without any notice or liability to you or any other person. FCC Vision is under no obligation to verify the actual identity or authority of the user of any login name or password.

You must immediately notify FCC Vision (via Contact Information below) of any unauthorized use of your login name or password for your Member Account, or if you know or suspect that your login name or password has been lost or stolen, has become known to any other person, or has been otherwise compromised.

FCC Vision and FCC will not be liable for your losses caused by any unauthorized use of your Member Account and you may be liable for the losses of FCC Vision, FCC, and/or others due to such unauthorized use.

Participation in Research Studies

FCC Vision makes no guarantee that as a member you will be invited to participate in any Research Studies. However, if you are contacted to participate in any Research Studies, you will never be required to participate: your participation will be voluntary and your status as a member of FCC Vision will not be impacted as a result of your electing to not participate in any given Research Study.

Results of Research Studies

Your voluntary participation in any Research Studies constitutes your formal release of any and all rights that you have in the information, data, and/or material resulting from, derived from and/or related to your participation in the Research Studies (collectively, the “Results”). In turn, FCC Vision reserves all rights to make use of the Results as it sees fit, subject to these Terms & Conditions.

Please note that not all Results will be published on the FCC Vision website, that any identifying and/or personal information will be stripped from any internal FCC reports pertaining to the Results, and that any Results disseminated for non-FCC / non-FCC Vision consumption will only be reported at the aggregate level and thus, that any identifying and/or personal information will be stripped therefrom.

Limitation of Liability

Neither FCC Vision, nor FCC, their respective agents, employees, directors, and/or officers shall be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, punitive, third party, consequential damages or any other damages, losses or expenses however caused, sustained by you or any other person as a result of your participation in the Research Studies.

Disclaimer of Warranties: The FCC Vision Community Website (the “Website”)

All Information and services on the Website is provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, without limitation, implied warranties or conditions of fitness for a particular purpose or use, or non- infringement.

By accessing and using the Website you acknowledge and agree that use of the Website and its content is entirely at your own risk.

FCC Vision and FCC make no representations or warranties regarding the Website or the content, including, without limitation, no representation or warranty that: (i) the Website and/or content will be accurate, complete, reliable, suitable or timely; (ii) the operation of the Website will be uninterrupted or error free; (iii) defects or errors in the Website will be corrected; (iv) the Website will be free from viruses or harmful components; and, (v) communications to or from the Website will be secure or not intercepted.


FCC Vision takes its responsibility to protect your personal information very seriously and will protect your personal information in accordance with FCC’s Privacy Policy, as well as any applicable laws and industry standards.

As noted above, FCC Vision may engage a third party service provider to assist in its efforts to invite you to participate in any Research Studies. FCC Vision ensures to carefully select all service providers and your privacy / personal information will be protected in accordance with FCC’s Privacy Policy, as well as any applicable laws and industry standards. In turn, you may be contacted by such service providers, but exclusively for the purpose of participating in Research Studies.

Please note that when you sign up to become an FCC Vision member, you will have the option of requesting that your personal information not be shared with any third-party service providers and that you wish to not be contacted by these service providers as a result. Your election in that regard will be respected by FCC Vision and your personal information will, as a result, not be shared with any of its third-party service providers.


Please note that these Terms & Conditions are subject to change without notice. Although FCC Vision may attempt to notify you via e-mail when these Terms & Conditions change, your membership in FCC Vision and/or your continued participation in Research Studies will be deemed to constitute your acceptance of any such changes.

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding these Terms & Conditions and/or any other aspect of your FCC Vision membership, please contact us by any of the means listed below:

E-mail: fccvision@fcc-fac.ca

Mail: Farm Credit Canada
1800 Hamilton Street, PO Box 4320
Regina, SK S4P 4L3


FCC Vision Community Website: