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Published on 11.22.2018 by FCC Vision Team

Technology Disruptors

Although we are still working on the final report, we would like to share a couple highlights with you on the Technology Disruptor survey.

 1. 7 in 10 producers across Canada made technology changes over the past year.

      In the past year, I have made technological upgrades / changes to:

Tech Image 1


 2. In the next three years, almost half of all producers plan on making changes to become more efficient in core production and 3 in 10 plan on making changes to manage business data and information.

      In the next three years, I will be making technological upgrades / changes to:

Tech Image 2


3. Of all the emerging technologies, 6 in 10 dairy producers see the greatest potential in robotics, while 4 in 10 producers in beef and crops believe the greatest potential is in precision ag tools.


Tech Image 3

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