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Benchmarking Study

Published on 05.20.2020 by Market Insights

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2019 Top Risk Concerns & Strategies in Canadian Ag Production

Published on 11.12.2019 by Market Insights


In July 2019, FCC Vision panellists completed a survey to understand the top risk concerns and strategies currently facing ag producers in Canada.

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FCC Content Survey Results

Published on 05.01.2019 by FCC Vision Team

Economic outlooks, farmland management and sustainable practices and production technology are of greatest interest to Canadian producers.

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Financial Literacy & Banking Comfortability

Published on 04.18.2019 by FCC Vision Team

More than half of the producers surveyed say they have 10 or more loans.

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Defining Moments

Published on 04.17.2019 by FCC Vision Team

Vision members were asked to identify the most defining moment in both their life and in their time in agriculture.

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Canada's Ag Day

Published on 02.20.2019 by FCC Vision Team

How the day was celebrated.

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FCC Events Survey

Published on 12.19.2018 by FCC Vision Team

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Farm Data Study

Published on 12.10.2018 by FCC Vision Team

Vision panellists shared their perspective on the benefits and drawbacks of farm data use and how the industry is handling their data.

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Technology Survey

Published on 11.22.2018 by FCC Vision Team

In the next three years, almost half of all producers plan on making changes to become more efficient in core production.

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AgExpert Field Logo

Published on 02.16.2018 by FCC Vision Team

FCC Vision members have selected the new FCC AgExpert Field software logo!

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