Agriculture News

Getting the most out of cover crops

Published on 08.02.2018 by Matt McIntosh


Soil organic matter decline is long-standing issue on farms across the country. The more widespread adoption of cover crops, however, is helping to reverse the trend.

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Damaged crops still usable as feed

Published on 08.02.2018 by Richard Kamchen


Beware salvaging weather-stressed and damaged crops for feed as nitrate accumulation could have dire health consequences for ruminant livestock, experts say.

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Domestic feed barley prices are strong

Published on 08.01.2018 by Greg Kostal


Using Western Canada’s main feed barley hub of Lethbridge as a price proxy, the low range price of a month ago at around $210 to $220 per metric tonne should represent a cheap enough new crop value area based on demand fundamentals. Current October, November, December delivery price is $230 to $232 a tonne.

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Four reasons to stay optimistic for grain markets

Published on 07.26.2018 by Mike Jubinville


This summer, grain markets have struggled to find supportive news to sustain any price bounce. North American crop conditions generally look good, United States-China tariff talks are at a standstill and the technical path of least resistance for grain markets to start the summer has been lower.

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Digital tools making inroads on farms

Published on 07.26.2018 by Mark Cardwell


Veteran Saskatchewan grain producer Kleven MacDougall says it’s both physically and mentally exhausting to manually control switches on booms when spraying for disease control. 

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What to consider before you build

Published on 07.11.2018 by


Planning a construction project? Whether you’re hiring a contractor or doing it yourself, consider these questions to help make your project a success.

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Finding optimal calving time is a complex formula

Published on 07.05.2018 by Richard Kamchen


Without a universally optimal time for calving, producers need to consider multiple factors before choosing the month that works best for them.

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Southwest Ontario planting off to an unusually late start

Published on 07.05.2018 by Owen Roberts


Higher heat units and warm seedbeds mean Ontario’s extreme southwest is usually the first region in the province to be planted with corn and soybeans. But this year it’s last, with planting finally wrapping up just last week.

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