Agriculture News

How to be more profitable and reduce emissions

Published on 08.30.2018 by Trudy Kelly Forsythe


Canadian growers now have a resource to help them implement practices to increase farm profitability while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions, leaching of nutrients through the soil and impacts on surrounding water resources.

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Winter wheat enthusiasm differs from east to west

Published on 08.30.2018 by Richard Kamchen


Winter wheat acres in western Canada are in danger of remaining at historically low levels while Ontario seedings could be on the rise.

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Take extra care storing grain this harvest

Published on 08.23.2018 by Richard Kamchen


Hot harvest weather, multi-stage crops and weeds will require Prairie farmers to take extra care to ensure their stored grain stays in good condition over the winter.

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How to protect pastures in dry times

Published on 08.23.2018 by Craig Lester


Dry conditions in various parts of Canada means some pastures are in rough shape, experts say.

So much so, there's talk that in some cases, cattle producers are considering selling off their calves early, simply because there's no feed or it's not economical to feed them. A general lack of rain over long stretches of the summer prevented regrowth.

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Ancient grains seeing new life in Quebec

Published on 08.16.2018 by Mark Cardwell


Two ancient grains from South America have been grown in small quantities in Quebec with promising results, the researchers and companies behind the initiatives say. But producers involved with the experiments say it will take time before chia and quinoa or other niche grains become mainstream crops here.

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Getting the most out of cover crops

Published on 08.02.2018 by Matt McIntosh


Soil organic matter decline is long-standing issue on farms across the country. The more widespread adoption of cover crops, however, is helping to reverse the trend.

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Damaged crops still usable as feed

Published on 08.02.2018 by Richard Kamchen


Beware salvaging weather-stressed and damaged crops for feed as nitrate accumulation could have dire health consequences for ruminant livestock, experts say.

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Domestic feed barley prices are strong

Published on 08.01.2018 by Greg Kostal


Using Western Canada’s main feed barley hub of Lethbridge as a price proxy, the low range price of a month ago at around $210 to $220 per metric tonne should represent a cheap enough new crop value area based on demand fundamentals. Current October, November, December delivery price is $230 to $232 a tonne.

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